With an Android Backup App, You’ve Got Nothing to Lose

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With all of the information that we carry on our smartphones today, losing a phone can be as disruptive as losing your wallet, purse or laptop computer. Your Android smartphone contains all of your friends’ and associates’ contact information – as well as irreplaceable photos and records. It may not seem like such a small device could create such a large void if it disappears, but you don’t want to have to lose all of that personal data to find out.

Don’t Lose Your Data if You Lose Your Phone

Lookout’s Android backup app is a simple way for you to protect the personal information on your smartphone with minimal effort. With the Android backup application from Lookout, all it takes is one click to replicate your photos, contacts and call history to secure storage, ensuring that your personal data is always safe. You can view your files on a secure website as soon as they are backed up, and quickly restore your data to a new or existing phone. And unlike other Android backup apps, you can schedule automatic backup scans to ensure you don’t forget to protect valuable data newly added to your smartphone.

Two Levels of Android Backup Protection

The Lookout Android backup application has two levels of backup for you to choose from. The Lookout Free backup app for Droid and other Android phones automatically backs up your contacts and enables you to restore data to your existing phone. The Lookout Premium Android backup app allows you to back up your contacts, as well as your precious photos and your call history. Lookout Premium also allows you to restore or transfer your data to either a new or existing phone.

Back up your Android Smartphone in Minutes

Lookout is a free app that includes Android backup and supports Droid phones and all other Android phones. Unlike other Android backup apps, Lookout includes security and find my phone for more protection. Download the Lookout for Android security app and back up your Android smartphone in just minutes.