Keeping Millions Safe Ain't Easy.
But It's Fun.

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This challenge has your name on it.

Making the mobile world safer is an incredible technical challenge. There is no better reason to come to work in the morning than to solve thorny problems.

At Lookout, each of us has a direct impact on creating products that actually help people. Call us hackers for good, or a company that’s redefining the market. Call us when you’re ready to be part of something big.


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How we got here

It started when founders John, Kevin, and James, met in college and developed a shared passion for mobile devices and security. Their approach was completely different — big data harnessed to protect against every size mobile threats. Today, Lookout protects millions worldwide, from businesses to individuals, across devices and operating systems. And we’re just getting started.

Transparency is part of our culture

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How we roll

We’re building the company that is securing the post-PC world, and that takes a deeper kind of teamwork. Lookout needs serious problem solvers. Entrepreneurs. Hackers who care. People who play well together, are excited to build products that delight customers, and know how to have some fun while they’re at it. You’ll find a place that’s challenging, hands-on, transparent, and led with real passion.